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by Cocaine Slave

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released February 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Cocaine Slave Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Mask Of The Boys
How we arrived at this desolate place?
It's really quite nice
A deeper kind of sorrow
I do not want to forget this
I knew it would be hard
Apart again
But is there any way to prepare for the lack?
Track Name: Secret Sacrifice
Violence, violence
Is in these bones
Violence, violence
Is in these lungs
Innocence, my innocence
Red flower of bloom is in this room
Your hands on my eyes
I can not see anything
But I feel the smell of blood
The smell of memories
Track Name: Pity
TV paranoia - harvest brain
How can u afford to live - a life in mortal fear - how can you scream for help - from the ones who keep you chained

You say we need a saviour - but it'll crush your existance

Pity! Is what I feel for you
Pity! Cause faith just won't do

Racist lower class people - clear sign of hard times
Track Name: All The Memories
Hello mother, good morning father
Thanks for dinner
Thanks for a nation of finks
Yes, thanks for all the memories
"All right let's seey your arms"

You always were a headache and
You always were a bore
You always were a delusion